The beautiful days are here and you would like to arrange your balcony to enjoy them without exceeding a certain budget? We have concocted a list of 7 essentials at low prices to furnish your balcony at low prices!

1 – A pallet sofa

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The best way to furnish a space at a low cost is still recycling! Very trendy, pallet garden furniture has the advantage of being economical and easy to create. Collect two pallets to superimpose one on the other and arrange for the backrest to be one of the walls of your balcony. Then all you have to do is add cushions to make your chair comfortable.

2 – A small table and folding chairs

Metal garden furniture is much cheaper than its wooden counterparts and has the advantage of being available in many colors. Opt for a pink pop ensemble or a classic taupe, right on the summer trend.

3 – bet on greenery

Green plants bring warmth and a cozy feel to all your rooms. Decorate your balcony by opting for standing or hanging containers and fill them with plants at a low price. For example, IKEA has them all year round, and you can also get great deals at Plants for All sales. Take the opportunity to add some aromatic plants or even strawberries and cherry tomatoes!

4 – Bring out your decor!

In order not to spend a fortune on furnishing your balcony, do your shopping inside your apartment. A small raffia rug that is usually in the bedroom, candles lying around in a closet, a pouf or a nice lantern that you barely use in your living room and voila!

5 – A guinguette atmosphere

Along your balustrade or on a wall, hang a light garland! You can even bring out the one you use every year for Christmas or choose from many low-cost options:

6 – Storage at a reasonable price

Because it is always welcome to have a little storage, even on a balcony, a cart with wheels will be perfect! Inexpensive, practical and decorative, it can also be used as a small table to place your lemonade and your novel in progress:

7 – A mosquito net for a romantic balcony

Combine the useful with the pleasant by attaching a mosquito net to the ceiling. In this way, you opt for a balcony with a bohemian and romantic atmosphere at a reasonable price. In addition, you can place your mosquito net the way you want if you are bothered by unwanted insects.

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