Horsetail is precious for the garden, it is appreciated for its curative and preventive capacities. In particular, it allows you to fight and overcome certain diseases such as powdery mildew and mildew. It is used in two forms: in decoction or in liquid manure!

The different types of horsetail

Horsetail is available in garden centers as an extract, it is a perennial plant that is very widespread.

You can harvest it and then prepare a decoction :

Put 100 grams of fresh leaves in a liter of water for 24 hours. Then boil for at least 20 minutes. Filter and you have a horsetail decoction ready to use.

To make horsetail manure :

You need approximately a kilo of horsetail leaves. Macerate them in 9 liters of water, let ferment until you can no longer see any bubbles on the surface and the leaves have settled down to the bottom of the container. It must then be filtered and put in a sprayer.

advice : if you want to grow this plant, place it in containers if you don’t want it to invade you.

How to use horsetail?

Horsetail manure can only be used by diluting it beforehand in water. It is necessary to put a manure measure for 9 measures of water. Then you store it away from light, in an airtight plastic container, and in a cool place. It is necessary to ban the metal container to keep the horsetail manure.

It is a repellent that helps ward off many diseases that affect different plants and in particular fungi.

You use it preferably in the fall and spring when diseases are serious. It can also be used as a treatment during other seasons. It does not present any danger for your plants. It is used for ornamental plants, fruit trees and in the vegetable garden.

It is used as a preventive measure, but also to treat plants already affected by the disease.

It is necessary to spray a solution comprising 10% manure for 90% water. The treatment will be renewed every 10 to 15 days for optimal results.

What are the actions of horsetail manure?

It mainly acts on:

  • Rust
  • Mildew
  • Scab
  • Black rot or fruit rot
  • The blister of the vine
  • The peach leaf curl

How to use horsetail decoction?

Unlike liquid manure, horsetail decoction should be diluted to 20%, for example for 4 liters of water, you put about a liter of decoction.

You must then fill your sprayer.

You then spray this mixture on the leaves of the plants you want to treat.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary during the summer and spring.

This can only be used within 15 days of preparation. It is therefore unnecessary to prepare large quantities.

You spray your plants preferably in the morning when the weather is calm. Do this before planting vegetables in the ground and before budding fruit trees.

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