The swing is a must have in the garden if you have children. This game, which has almost always existed, remains among the most popular among children. But be careful: to ensure the safety of users, it must be perfectly sealed in the ground. Whether the portico is made of metal or wood, you must remain very vigilant. We present you different ways of anchoring it to the ground, to choose according to your outdoor space.

Why does the swing need to be sealed?

When setting up your swing, anchoring it in the ground is essential. Hanging on a gantry, it is often accompanied by other equipment, by fixing it correctly, you prevent it from tipping over. It can move, even turn around when children are playing or during a more violent squall. In addition, over time, it will inevitably lose stability.

Different systems offer you the possibility of anchoring it firmly in the ground. If you fix it with concrete, you will have to be patient and wait a few weeks before using it. We must then anticipate this delay.

To make the markings on the ground, you must move the swing and be careful: it can be more or less heavy. It is best to have the help of a few people.

What precautions should I take?

Pay attention to the chosen location, in particular you must take into account a few characteristics:

A flat and level ground : it must be placed on flat ground and not on a slope, it would not be fixed correctly in this case.

The nature of the soil : sand or lawn floors absorb falls more easily than concrete or tiled floors.

Trees must be at least two meters from the portico : by swaying a little hard, the child can bump. Likewise, provide space for easy mowing. The width and length of the portal must then be taken into account.

Always think that once your gantry is well sealed, moving it will be impossible, think carefully about the area in which it will be placed.

Metal or wooden swing?

The question often arises before deciding on the swing you want to buy.

If you decide to acquire a wooden gantry crane, it must be class 4 and treated against insects and moisture. Most of the models are in pine. They require very little maintenance, but they are heavy.

The metal gantry is lighter and less expensive. It is presented in different colors, allowing you to put some pep in your garden. It does not require any particular maintenance. In addition, some brands have created models that combine metal and wood.

You should know that whatever choice you make, you can seal it with concrete. You buy the gantry with anchors which are used by securing them to studs in the same material or by pouring concrete.

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Anchor your swing with concrete: how to do it?

To do so, it suffices to respect the various stages, but this work does not present any particular difficulties. The method is suitable for both metal and wooden gantries. You just need to be patient before using it.

Start by defining precisely where you are going to install the gantry and swing. Assemble the set correctly and if you are alone, allow some time. Once you have mounted and positioned it, here are the different steps:

  • Mark where each foot is placed and move your swing.
  • Then dig four holes 45 cm wide and deep, put the first clods of earth aside.
  • Then reposition the swing by putting each foot in its hole.
  • Check with a level that the gantry is perfectly straight.
  • Pour concrete in each of the holes.
  • Wait at least two weeks to a month for it to be perfectly dry.
  • Then cover the feet with the soil you kept.

In this method, the only difficulty is to make the concrete, the rest being very simple. You can also add anchors to keep the swing in place.

Anchors and concrete pads

The use of anchor plate and concrete studs is also a possibility. The first steps are the same as the first method, i.e. positioning and holes.

  • Attach the plate to the lower part of the legs. Screw the anchors on each side of the latter (2 cm from the bottom).
  • Prepare your concrete and fill the 4 holes, leaving 2 cm distance from the surface of the soil.
  • Replace the gantry by putting the feet in the holes.
  • Press the lower part of the feet into the concrete.
  • Leave to dry for 24 hours.
  • Cover with soil.

For make sure the concrete is dry and the swing, perfectly anchored, exert pressure, if the gantry does not move, it is very dry. If your gantry is really very heavy, make two diagonal anchor points.

On some models, sealing tabs which are provided allow you to use studs avoiding you to prepare concrete and wait for drying. In this case, here is how to proceed:

  • Dig the holes at the location of each leg of the gantry.
  • Put the studs in the holes.
  • Place each leg of the portico in its stud.
  • Secure them to the studs using the sealing brackets.

Anchoring a swing without concrete: is it possible?

You don’t want to put concrete, there are other techniques to seal a wooden or metal swing. You will drill differently depending on the material.

Anchor tendrils are perfect for securely anchoring a swing. The ground just needs to be hard. Mark the location of each leg of the gantry, remove it and drive the tendrils in the places provided. The part of the twist with the hole must come out of the ground. Drill and screw the auger into the base of the gantry. Then the screw and the ground are covered.

It exists sealing kits to anchor the feet of metal or wooden swings. You then have to go through four stages:

  • Accurately define the location of the swing;
  • Make the markings on each foot;
  • Dig four square holes 22 cm deep and 40 cm square;
  • Insert an anchor tab in each hole, it must protrude by 5 cm;
  • Cover the hole with soil;
  • Seal the tab at the foot of the portico.

No need to dry, it can be used quickly.

Third technique: without anchoring and without concrete

It is necessary to dig holes corresponding to the location of the four feet. Then you place the legs of the portico there. Instead of concrete, you put pebbles and earth to hold the posts and fill in the voids. Once the feet are anchored, cover the ground with gravel or sand.

Conclusion : the swing is an outdoor game that your children will fully enjoy now that you know how to set it up safely. Several methods exist, choose yours according to your constraints, the nature of the soil and your desires. If you are making a concrete anchor, remember to plan this work before the arrival of spring, because the drying time is very long.

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