Do you need ideas for arranging your rectangular garden? You will quickly find that it is a fairly simple plan that easily lends itself to all your desires. And precisely your desires, they are decisive. Whether you want a tidy and square garden or a rustic, poetic and free-spirited garden, the layout will not be the same. It also depends on the dimensions of the garden, if it is long and narrow, or rather small, you will skillfully correct these flaws. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Organize your rectangular garden by zone

Garden With Separate Zones
© Carpentier Vincent

You can perfectly delimit areas on each side, if you have sufficient width. Otherwise, you will favor the driveway on one side and cultivated plots on the other. A rectangular garden does not exclude the realization of different zones corresponding to different activities. For example, you can imagine a small dining area, creating a terrace in the place closest to the house, a play area for the children, a small relaxation area, a space for the vegetable patch and another for ornamental plants. . Separate your garden into two plots with a small path. If you need a garden shed to store your tools, preferably place it at the back of the garden.

Dare to devote a whole side to a lawn if your children like to play in the garden. The choice of your arrangement depends closely on the size of the rectangle. The smaller it is, the more tricks you will have to practice and figure out what you really want. Certain priorities will certainly have to be given priority, such as a relaxation area and some pretty plants.

Play on symmetry

City Garden

In a rectangular city garden, elegance dominates! To avoid the feeling of suffocation, the space is ventilated. Avoiding the profusion of plants helps to enhance the volume of this exterior. For a small, pleasant garden, the trick is to limit yourself to the level of colors and the number of plants. Sobriety and symmetry make it possible to remove the oppressive effect and to enlarge this garden. The photo illustrates this concept perfectly. The two sides respond to each other and are just separated by a path that remains fairly simple. It is desirable to avoid tall trees and to prefer rather low hedges. The terrace near the house is the link between the house and the garden. The little decorative touch? The two pools placed on each side of the passage which reinforces the nature side.

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The charm of the country garden

Poetic Garden
© Andrew Montgomery

Are you inspired by crazy gardens where plants flourish in a joyful mess… only apparent? Try to mix plants for winter, spring and summer flowering. Alternate the heights and the type of plants! Play with colors, while maintaining a certain harmony. The result is very poetic and looks so natural… Your goal will be easily achieved if you are careful in choosing your plants. Set up small areas for relaxation and meals, taking into account the exposure and plants.

A peaceful and serene garden

Zen garden

The more rectangular your garden, the more perspective you can give it, and that’s a big plus. With a very zen and pure arrangement, you accentuate this particularity and you break the feeling of suffocation. By placing a nicely colored relaxation area at the bottom of the garden, you attract the eye and thereby visually expand your garden. Places that irreparably attract attention are welcome! They make you forget that the garden is a bit narrow. The winding path gives an impression of space, it will be sober, with stones as in this photo. The colored plant rugs and the bench along the wall are ideas that you will not hesitate to take up.

A plant paradise

Very Green Garden
© Pinterest

A small rectangular garden can quickly lack privacy, especially since it is typically the garden that is found in townhouses. Lush vegetation is then another option to mitigate the limits. Behind the shrubs or trees in abundance: where is the border with the neighbors? We no longer know very well and that is the desired goal. In addition, it is also an opportunity to create small, very intimate spaces, well sheltered from prying eyes. You can set up a dining area, a relaxation area to make the garden more friendly and welcoming. Add some colorful touches that contrast with the green and bring cheerfulness.

Dare to different levels!

Garden at Different Levels
© Clive Nichols

By giving relief to your land, you do not necessarily enlarge it, but you give it volume, and this is essential! For example, you can raise the boxes that house your plants. They develop faster, because they are more exposed to light. Plus, you’ll take care of it without hurting your back.

Small garden: multipurpose space

Versatile Garden
© Leroy Merlin

Even if your exterior is small, as long as it is rectangular, it will be easy for you to fit in everything that makes the garden attractive. The barbecue, the sandpit, the deckchairs… Everything can find its place. The photo perfectly demonstrates the possibilities that can be implemented. We love the sandbox which closes to hide under the terrace. This allows a larger number of people to gather there. The small yellow wall also serves as a seat and support for plants or others. Do not hesitate to hide in the thickness of the terrace, storage for your folding chairs, your tools and the children’s outdoor games.

Well thought-out lighting

Rectangular Garden Lighting
© Clive Nichols

In a small garden, lighting is important, it structures the space and makes it possible to highlight its entire surface. As outdoor lighting is plentiful, play with shapes, heights and style of lighting. This element plays an important aesthetic role. It will highlight your plantations and highlight designer furniture.

In summary : even small, your rectangular garden can amaze and arouse the curiosity of your visitors. Imagine it your way, picking up ideas here and there, to make it a personalized outdoor space.

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