Modern pool shape outdoor landscaping ideas and history

Do you have a house or terrace with garden? Do you want to build a swimming pool? In this case, you may wonder what is the best form of pool for your outdoor area.

What is the best form of pool for your outdoor area? To find the answer, browse our special folder!

This week, Designmag is dedicating a great deal about swimming pools and their shape. We look at the most popular forms and lots of pictures for you to discover. Take the opportunity to explore them and decide which is the best form of pool for your decor!

Modern design swimming pool shape

Did you know that swimming pools exist as a concept for a very long time? The ancients already owned them and they benefited not only in the public baths but also in their private homes.

In modern times, swimming pools have begun to appear since the beginning of the 20th century. From the mid-1930s, photos of movie stars posing at the edge of their pools in their luxury residences launched a new trend. This is what later became one of the most popular trends. One of the reasons for this is probably the fact that we love all pools especially during the summer.

Modern Pool Shape – Most residential home pools are rectangular in shape

Modern pool shape with armchairs

Most of the first residential pools nowadays have a rectangular shape. It is regarded as both classic, aesthetic and practical. As a space for exercises, straight pools are ideal for those who want to swim lengths. Small basins are also often rectilinear or rectangular.

A modern pool with terrace

Pools with curved shapes have also appeared in the outdoor spaces of Hollywood stars. In the 1930s, Philip Ilsley, renowned pool builder, created a round-bottomed pool frame filled with concrete. The stars loved this deviation from the classic rectilinear shapes. Photos of curved pools with their famous curved owners appeared in magazines. As a result, many people were seduced by this idea of ​​exterior design.

The so-called kidney-shaped pool shape was designed by architect Thomas Church. She became popular right away

Pool trend and idea of ​​shapes

The first kidney shaped pool was designed by landscape architect Thomas Church with landscape architect Lawrence Halprin in 1948. It was designed to decorate the outdoor space of the Donnell family's Midcentury Modern home in Sonoma. in California. Before the completion of this pool, most of the outdoor pools were straight in shape. Their popularity is explained, as we have said, by the swimming experience. The design invented by Church was photographed and illustrated the pages of many magazines. AInsi, over time, he has made kidney shape a popular choice for residential pool pools.

Pool shaped kidney

Another popular and original form of swimming pool is the one in the form of figure 8. As one can imagine, such a swimming pool is inspired by the shape of the number 8. It thus has round or round shapes at the ends and a zone more narrow in the middle. It could also be compared to the appearance of an hourglass. The ends of this type of outdoor pool do not have to be exactly the same size. One of them may be bigger than the other. That's what makes this idea of ​​Bassi even more interesting and more original.

In a park in Sydney, there are 8-shaped natural pools

Pool of original shape in photo

A group of natural swimming pools in the shape of Figure 8 is located in the Royal Sydney National Park in Australia. The pools are located in the southern part of the park. They are very close to the Burning Palms beach. The ponds form an almost perfect figure 8 on the coastal rocky plateau. Although the platform and pools are dangerous to visit, images of these natural pools on social networks have made the destination extremely popular. And, with it, the pool shape itself.

Rounded pool with decking

Pools with multiple edges or straight sides have always been popular in recent years. By their appearance, they are similar to a variant of a rectangle or an oval.

An original pool shape can be inspired by a musical instrument, the shape of a region on the map and many more …

Original trendy swimming pool

Want to offer an original pool? In this case, you may want to consider another original idea. These are pools in the shape of objects or countries, regions or entire states. Of course, these are custom designs and shapes. They could have special meaning for their owners, for example. An example of this kind of pool are the swimming pools in the form of musical instrument. But there are much more original solutions, like the cat shaped pools!

Pool in l model

Moreover, there are even outdoor basins in the form of letters. Among the most popular and functional basins of this kind are those who adopt the appearance of the letter L.

The so-called free pool shape adapts perfectly to all terrains

Outdoor rounded pool design

To add to all these options, you can also consider offering a pool with free forms. It would adopt organic forms. It will rest on geometric lines and will be adapted perfectly to the appearance of the outdoor space. For example, you can imagine an oasis inspired pool, lagoon or key west.

Modern Pool Shape Wood Deck

Do you like the appearance of the pools of water in the pretty Italian villas? In this case, why not imagine a pool with classic shapes, such as those in the Greek and Roman residences of the past. A pool of this kind would have an arch or a slight curve at one or both ends. Moreover, it will represent a rectangle that fits easily in most outdoor spaces.

And now, here is our entire photo collection on the modern pool shape to give you outdoor landscaping ideas!

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