The white columbine

White Ancolie
© Volker Rauch Min

The advantage of the white columbine is that it is easily grown either in rock, massive, but also in pots or balcony boxes. This hardy plant is resistant and requires very little maintenance. A moderate watering is enough and she likes the sun or partial shade.

The white anemone

White anemone
© Gilles Delacroix

This plant blooms between May and the end of October, depending on the variety and then presents large double flowers. She likes sunny places in the morning and half-shade in the afternoon. It has the advantage of pushing everywhere and even in pots. It requires little maintenance and is easy to grow.

The anthemis

© Udo Schmidt CC BY-SA 2.0 – Flickr

Anthemis is a flower that exists in two varieties, the anthemis carpatica that flowers between May and July and is always white. Its foliage is slightly gray. It is a creeping and aromatic plant that grows very well in rock gardens. The Frutescens anthemis flowers from May to October and has white, red or pink flowers, reaches 60 cm and is sensitive to low temperatures and frost.

The arum

© Nicolas Gent Cc By Nd 2.0 Flickr

The arum is a very popular flower that pleases a lot and that is often found in wedding bouquets. Very pretty, it finds its place in your garden thanks to its elegance. It flowers in spring and early summer and may have a second bloom in autumn. Its stems of 0.60 to 1 meter make it possible to make beautiful bouquets.

The beautiful night

Beauty of the night
© DR

It is a variety that in our climate can reach 50 cm in height. It flowers for several weeks and blooms at dusk while spreading a very fragrant fragrance.

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Bougainvillea 'Marie blanc'

© Pinterest

Bougainvillea is a non-hardy plant that likes only positive temperatures. It can reach 2 to 3 meters in height. It produces pretty delicate flowers in clusters.

Brugmansia – Brugmansia versicolor 'Maya'

© DR

These large, very delicate flowers are white at bloom, then they become more cream and salmon depending on the season. They bloom in your garden between June and November and all year long if you grow them in pots and you bring them under your veranda. They are grown in open ground in the sun and half shade in pots. The shrub is about two meters tall, its foliage is persistent above 10 ° C but freezes below -10 ° C, but in this case, the strain starts again after.

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The silver basket

© Pinterest

The silver basket or thlaspi (Iberis) is in the form of a cushion. Its four-petal flowers are very dense. It can be grown in large pots, curbs or rockeries. It produces so many flowers that it forms a real carpet. Some varieties are annual and others, perennials, bloom in the spring.

The snowdrop

Snow Pole
© Pinterest

The snowdrop has a significant advantage, it blooms in the heart of winter, January in general, and even if the snow is lining the ground. The flower is in the form of a white bell that gives off a pleasant and sweet scent of honey. In the undergrowth, these flowers last all winter until the first days of spring.


© Elena Yakimushkina

Honeysuckle is a climbing plant with a heady fragrance and abundant foliage. It flowers between May and October and is very simple to maintain. It is decorative and has an exceptional longevity. She dresses walls as well as pergolas or arbours. It can also be arranged in massive.


White Buddleia
© Dr.

The white buddleia flowers between July and September and its flowers are very fragrant. Its foliage is obsolete, it grows very quickly in hedges or in massifs. It supports temperatures down to -20 ° C.

The bed

Monika1607 – Pixabay

The lily or lily is very simple to grow, yet it is a bulbous that has a lot of elegance in the garden. It is perfect to make beautiful masses very fresh with its white color. The scent it releases can sometimes be a little heady especially late in the day.

The bugle

© Berndh

The Geneva bugle flowers in white or pink spikes sometimes. It prefers drought and rather poor limestone soils. Its flowering takes place in May and June.

The bipinnated cosmos

© F.didillon

The cosmos looks a little like large daisies that can be equally pink or red and bloom from summer to first frosts. This is the most cultivated species, it adorns the massifs, but can also make pretty bouquets.

The tulip

© Mandy Disher

There are two types of white tulips: the early double tulip that blooms from mid-April and can measure up to 40 cm. The parrot tulip flowers between April and early May and can measure 60 cm, it has fringed petals.

The Stephanotis

© Pinterest

The stephanotis is grown quite easily in pots as in the ground. Its foliage is green, shiny and slightly waxy. Its white flowers are very fragrant and it can reach 2.50 meters in height.

The star jasmine

Star jasmine
© Janeb13 Pixabay

Star jasmine is a fake jasmine also called Indian jasmine, it is a small shrub that blooms abundantly and embellishes your garden with its powerful scent. Its very delicate flowers offer 5 flattened and slightly twisted lobes.


© Dr.

The freesia is too delicate, you can not cultivate it in the ground because it is too chilly. On the other hand, it will adorn your garden if you potted it. Its very original and fragrant flowers will enchant you all summer until October, a real treat for the eyes and the smell.


© Manfredrichter – Pixabay

The daisy is certainly the best known of the white flowers, but it is nonetheless pretty to look at when it adorns flower beds. Not very fragile and easy to cultivate in the ground as in pots, you do not need to have a green thumb to plant them all over your garden where they will roll out their white carpet.

Solanum rantonnetii

© Dr.

This shrub gives many white flowers and therefore a lot of freshness in your garden. It is quite simple to grow and its foliage is semi-persistent. It usually has a height of up to two meters.

Skimmia from Japan

Skimmia From Japan
© Njutik CC By Nc Sa 2.0 Flickr

Its very fragrant flowers are of a brilliant whiteness. Its dark green foliage is bright and aromatic. It can reach 1 m in height. This male form does not give fruit. It is grown in pots and in the ground.

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Silene alpestris 'Flore Pleno'

Silene Alpestris
© Pinterest

This beautiful white flower accompanies you throughout the summer, it comes in the form of double flowers that appear in bouquets. Very decorative, they grow easily in partial shade and can go up to 30 cm in height.

Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon
© Annca – Pixabay

The seal of Solomon offers bright green leaves of elongated form. It flowers in May and June and then black fruits replace flowers. The hanging flowers are in the form of 2 to 5 clusters that measure about 2 cm. Just be careful when planting them to space them 30 to 50 cm apart. It is perfectly adapted to all types of soils and all regions.


FarOutFlora – CC BY 2.0 – Flickr

The scabious is beautiful when it is planted in a massive containing very green shrubs like topiaries, because it offers a very aesthetic contrast. Its white flowers can be 80 cm high. It is easy to grow and appreciated for its freshness.

Ornamental sage

© Carol Foil

Scarlet sage comes in the form of long spikes and tubular flowers that may also be salmon, pink or red. They are beautiful between the beginning of summer until the first frosts. Tufts of 0.40 to 0.60 m occupy a significant place in your garden. It can be grown in pots, in beds, in flowerbeds or in borders.

Landscape rose

Rosier Opalia
© Florent Lamontagne

This rose has beautiful flowers of a very pure white color that can reach between 0.50 and 0.70 m in height. They resist very well to the rain and they bloom very long which makes them very attractive. They give off a delicate fragrance.


© Beautifulcataya
© beautifulcataya

The subtle sagine has during its flowering, which spreads from May to August, small white flowers with yellow heart. Its foliage is bright green and it grows well in the shade or partial shade. It is a perfect plant to cover the soil.


Robinia False Acacia
© Hans – Pixabay

Its magnificent white flowers are very fragrant and they are present in May and June. They are in the form of hanging clusters that measure between 15 and 25 cm. The flowers are edible and can be cooked in donuts. Leaves of a steady green tending towards blue are very aesthetic.


White Reseda
© Miltos Gikas

It is in the form of ears and flowers of 4 to 5 mm. Its narrow leaves are pretty and it blooms from April to September. It is a perennial species that appreciates sandy soils. It is found mainly in the Mediterranean basin and the Arcachon basin.


© Anne Sorbes

The potentilla flowers from June to October and has a green-blue foliage that is obsolete. Its bushy habit is very decorative in the garden. It likes well in full sun and supports very low temperatures up to – 20 ° C. It prefers poor and light soils.

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