The garden is the ideal extension of the house. It offers the perfect setting for family reunions and convivial moments with friends. Provided, however, that you feel really good there. In order for it to meet your expectations and harmonize with your tastes, the garden must be landscaped with care. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Install a garden shed

Have you thought about installing a garden shed on your property? He can do you a lot of service. You can store wood reserves or store your gardening tools there. They will thus be protected from the cold and the rain.

If you like to DIY, you can also make it into a workshop. During certain seasons, or in the event of rain, you can also take refuge there to have an aperitif or spend relaxed moments with your family. And it can even be used as a playroom for children.

You will therefore choose the location and area of ​​the shelter according to its use. It’s up to you to decide whether you also want to equip it with a window or an awning. As for the material, you have the choice between wood, metal or PVC.

Do not forget either to find out about the authorizations to install a garden shed. Below 5 m2 of floor space, no action is required. Between 5 and 20 m2, a prior declaration of work is required. Beyond that, you will need to apply for a building permit.

Think about garden furniture

Have tea, share meals with the family or read in the shade of a tree. So many moments of relaxation spent in the garden. To be able to benefit from it, you still need to be well installed.

This is why the choice of garden furniture should not be done lightly. Tables, chairs and armchairs must meet your tastes and the use you want to make of them.

Rattan furniture brings a real decorative note to your outdoor space. In addition, they are very robust. Warm and elegant, the wooden furniture is a timeless classic. Preferably choose a wood treated against bad weather and insects. It will last longer.

Plastic garden furniture stands out for its original design. Available in many colors, they find their place everywhere. However, colors can fade over time.

Metal garden furniture is more expensive. But it is also more robust and easy to maintain. Its scrolls or its refined appearance also give a real character to your garden.

Landscaping Garden And Terrace
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Choose the floor covering

The floor covering also participates in the arrangement of the garden, because it contributes to the creation of a specific decoration. It must be chosen according to your tastes but also to the nature of your garden furniture.

If the whole garden is made up of lawns, iron furniture will sink into it and damage it. In addition, it requires regular and vigilant maintenance. If its green aspect appeals to you, you can always replace part of the lawn with synthetic grass.

Some prefer to reserve the lawn at the farthest part of the garden. On the rest of the land, they create a large terrace. In this case, it can be covered with very aesthetic wooden slats, but which sometimes tend to darken over time.

For its part, the tiling is interesting for its robustness and the wide range of colors available. But it is a rather expensive coating, not always easy to install. Slabs are often easier to install, but they don’t always stand up to the sun very well.

Plan a corner for relaxation

What place is better for rest than your garden? And you will be able to relax even better there if you set up a place dedicated to relaxation.

Why not spread comfortable outdoor rugs, or just large throws? All that remains is to have cushions everywhere, and you are ready for a good nap!

You will not be long in sinking into a gentle torpor if you let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of a swing installed in your favorite corner. If the trees are suitable, set up a hammock. Again, add a throw and a few cushions.

Your relaxation area can turn into a real cocoon, isolated in the very heart of the garden. Install plants there, which form a barrier of vegetation. Provide comfortable furniture and scatter decorative objects here and there, to give a personal touch to the whole.

You can also separate the relaxation area from the rest of the garden by a pretty trellis where climbing plants hang.

Give your garden a style

The layout of your garden also depends on the style you are going to give it. Your preferences in this area depend on your tastes and the image you have of a garden.

Some are seduced by the wide perspectives and the alignments of the French garden. If this symmetry discourages you, you probably prefer the English garden.

Indeed, it gives pride of place to nature, with plants and flowers that seem to grow freely. This is only an impression, because the development of such a garden also requires special care and the development of an overall plan.

This is also the case with the Japanese garden. For the Japanese, the garden is a representation of nature itself. A small basin represents lakes and rivers while the rocks symbolize the mountains. Such an arrangement will give your garden a special harmony.

If you live in the South, the Mediterranean garden will be the most appropriate. As long as your land is suitable, you can build terraces, these small dry stone walls that support your plantations. For their part, olive trees and cypress trees will create a Provençal atmosphere.

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