Your garden is a haven of peace, a corner of greenery laid out according to your desires. But, to benefit from it, it must be maintained regularly. And even if you like to garden, like many French people, you don’t always have the time or sometimes the inclination. Fortunately, there are many solutions to make your gardening task easier.

Tools that garden for you

If you don’t always have the time to maintain your garden yourself, you can leave the job to tools that will take care of it for you. You will see that there are a number of them.

Starting with the robotic lawn mower. This self-contained little machine takes care of your lawn as well, and sometimes better, than you could ever get. Just turn it on, and it mows the grass for you.

In addition, it is most often a silent machine, which chops the mown grass and leaves it on the ground. It then represents a natural fertilizer, which nourishes the lawn. So you don’t even have to collect the grass anymore.

Another very practical aid is automatic watering. Again, you don’t have to do anything. The system kicks in by itself and waters the places and plants that need it when needed. The latest models are able to adapt to climatic conditions.

If it has rained during the day, the sprinkler system takes this into account and changes the amount of water spilled. There are even robots that cultivate the garden for you. These innovative tools have passed the stage of experimentation and are already on the market.

These robots perform most of the tasks that are usually the responsibility of the gardener. They plant the seeds, water the garden and even check the condition of the earth. The entire mechanism is controlled by specific software, which in a way allows you to give your instructions to the robot.

You can choose the watering times or the places in the garden where the robot will plant the seeds.

A connected garden

You can enjoy gardening without necessarily having the time. It could also be that you don’t have a green thumb or that the gardening work is tiring you.

Under these conditions, a connected garden would be of great service to you. Indeed, it opens up to home automation, which brings together a certain number of automated management systems.

In other words, you control, from your home or remotely, certain gardening tools. Even if you are on the move, you can activate, from your smartphone, the watering of the garden or the triggering of the mower.

Thus, the maintenance of the garden is no longer dependent on your presence. Even on vacation, you continue to take care of it.

Thanks to home automation, you also receive, in real time, valuable information on the weather. Very localized, they are more precise than the information provided by a site or a channel devoted to weather forecasts.

You know what are, at this precise moment, the temperature or the degree of hygrometry which reign in your garden. In the event of a sudden drop in temperature, for example, you have time to take your measures to protect delicate plantings or shelter fragile plants.

There are also connected pots, equipped with specific sensors. Through a dedicated application, the device informs you of the needs of plants. If they lack water, you will be notified on your smartphone. And you will receive similar alerts if a particular plant is lacking in fertilizer or is in danger of suffering from the cold.

Finally, motion sensors immediately identify pest intrusions. The immediate triggering of an alarm or automatic watering can then scare them away.

To mow the lawn
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Get help from a gardener

From word of mouth to classifieds

You may be a bit put off by using all this technology. And you might prefer human contact. In this case, it is always possible to call in qualified professionals.

Find out more from those around you or from local merchants. They may be able to recommend a gardener. If they have used it themselves, they will also tell you what they think about it.

In the paper or online version, consulting the yellow pages is also very useful. Many gardeners register, but they do not indicate the price of their services.

Also feel free to post a classified ad, online or in a local newspaper. You can set out your request there in a precise manner. This will give you a better chance of finding the right person for you.

Call on personal assistance services

And why not contact a personal assistance service? On this site, you will find this type of service! In particular, it offers the services of accomplished gardeners, whose competence is verified.

They do a wide variety of small gardening jobs. Indeed, it is as much about mowing the lawn, brushing or maintaining green spaces as it is about trimming hedges or collecting leaves.

By using these services, you know your garden will be in good hands. And, in addition, the cost of these services is low. Indeed, the realization of these small gardening jobs, by recognized professionals, gives you the right to a tax credit of 50%.

Share your garden

You can still find help from people who are not fortunate enough to own a garden. If you have a large plot of land yourself, you leave part of it at their disposal, where they plant flowers or vegetables.

In exchange, they agree to help you with your gardening work. Such a solution costs you nothing and allows you to meet new people.

You will find, on the Internet, sites which put in relation the two parts. Of course, each must find its interest in the contract concluded.

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